UAE’s Multinationals Commit to Partnership Model in Drive to Promote Sustainability Regionwide

Wednesday 09 October 2019

Public-Private Engagement Considered the Best Approach to Drive Positive Environmental Change

A number of multinational companies based in the UAE have announced their support of a public-private-engagement model to promote sustainability and spearhead the country’s efforts to deliver its Sustainable Development endeavors. Speaking at the inaugural Multinational Companies Business Group (MCBG) sustainability conference, hosted by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry on October 9th, a host of international business executives, Government and NGO leaders underscored the need to both identify areas of common interest and the importance of collaboration to deliver the nation’s ambitious sustainability commitments.

Addressing the audience MCBG’s chairman Ramy Zaki discussed the role of the private sector in leading positive environmental impact. “As responsible corporations, it is our duty to champion solutions for environmental sustainability, in meaningful, incremental ways. Sustainability is not an attractive marketing concept, nor is it a nice-to-have”, said Zaki. Today’s consumers expect and demand brands to do more to protect the right of future generations to enjoy a healthy and wealthy life on our planet. It is crucial they understand how companies are working towards such positive change. But the challenges are big… and nobody has the recipe for complete solutions. Partnerships and alliances with other companies, with Governments and with NGOs, can accelerate the path to environmental sustainability breakthroughs. Today is perhaps one fine example, with this event being jointly hosted by a group of multinational firms and a government entity”.

As part of the UAE’s wider strategy towards achieving a highly ambitious Sustainable Development agenda, the nation has in 2018 outperformed by 50% its set objectives out of 88 indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) defined by the UN. The government has prioritized the formation of the National Agenda Executive teams. These groups are comprised by both government and private sector players and serve as ideation and piloting forums for joint public-private initiatives to realize the country’s sustainability goals.