Executive Director’s Message

Welcome to the MCBG website! Through this platform, we aim to share information about who we are, what we do and why we do it.
In 2017, about three-dozen multinational and regional companies – more than half of which Fortune 500 companies – came together to launch the Multinational Companies Business Group (MCBG) in Dubai. MCBG is a not-for-profit business association registered under the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry. It represents a broad range of sectors, spanning from manufacturing to technology, food & beverage, automotive and allied industries, energy, financial services, fast moving consumer goods, health care and retail. MCBG aims at promoting knowledge, skills and best practices with respect to investment, business, industry, trade and sustainability policy, and at engaging in constructive dialogue with government and other stakeholders around those policies.

You may ask: Why in Dubai? And why at this particular point in time? The answer is simple: Dubai’s – and the UAE’s – role as a global business, investment and trade hub is becoming ever more pivotal. In similar global hubs, one will find a large number of forums for the private and public sectors to exchange knowledge and ideas, in an effort to improve regulations and promote sustainable economic development that delivers inclusive growth.
MCBG endeavors to do just that – be a catalyst of private-public policy dialogue and partnership in the region, and place our members’ combined global expertise at the disposal of Dubai, the UAE and the wider region. Our aim is to contribute to shaping a world-class, highly competitive investment, business, trade and sustainability policy environment.

With the encouraging support of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and His Excellency Hamad Buamim, President and CEO of Dubai Chamber, we have begun this exciting journey. The vision uniting us gives us deep conviction that our endeavor will help spur Dubai’s and the UAE’s role as a global trade hub and will support long-term growth for the nation and for the broader region.
We welcome any global or regional company wishing to join us on this journey. We also welcome any feedback or questions you may have on MCBG.

Ramy Zaki
MCBG Executive Director